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Welcome to Old Zion Church, Brickerville PA. Old Zion Church began in 1747 as a log cabin. Old Zion, a German Reformed Church where farmers and land owners of the Brubaker Valley would gather for worship when the traveling pastor visited became the current brick building 1813.

Today Old Zion Church represents our heritage and our future. Since 1958 a volunteer Board of Directors has maintained and preserved the cemetery and church building. The church is available for special occasion rentals and special events that support the preservation of Old Zion.

Looking over the still agrarian Brubaker Valley, Old Zion Church offers time to reflect and appreciate simplicity and beauty that is often overlooked in present day. Explore our website to learn more about our special events and this unique historic site.

Contact us at OldZionChurch@gmail.com.

Old Zion Church Celebrates
200 Years!

Read about our incredible history in the feature article of the Intelligencer Journal

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